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L2L Young ends this year with this lovely tune keeping your day easy going after featuring Jumabee on his first single WUF (why u frowning) now he is out with another one titled “GINI KA MERE HA” means "Wetin I do them" produced by L2L Young and mixed by Kosoro". Download and enjoy, for sponsorship BBM: 25BA8246 or follow him up on twitter @L2LYoung



Think Before You Tweet, Lessons From Justine Sacco’s Saga

Who could’ve ever predicted that 140 characters could screw up so many people’s lives?
But that’s exactly what has happened to politicians, executives, government staff and others because of their comments on Twitter. This social media platform has morphed from a fun place to an information hub to a career killer.
And astoundingly, even people who work in PR — you know, the folks who are supposed to advise clients on how to avoid social media disasters — can tweet out statements that cause a media uproar. We saw that this weekend when Justine Sacco — who at that time was a PR executive — tweeted shortly before her 12-hour flight to South Africa on Friday: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

'Saudi Plane That Over-Ran Abuja Airport Runway Was Carrying Bullet-Proof Cars'

It has been confirmed that the contents of the Saudi Arabian Airline that ran into some construction equipment at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Wednesday, December 04, 2013, were security hardware.
The plane landed at about 9:19pm that day and blocked the only major runway at the airport, delaying takeoff and landing of flights in the airport for over 20 hours.
LEADERSHIP had exclusively reported that the Saudi cargo plane was carrying 15 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) made in Russia, which compounded its immediate evacuation from the runway. In a reaction to LEADERSHIP story, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia agreed that the plane originated from Saudi Arabia and was carrying bullet-proof cars made in South Africa.
In a letter, dated December 20 to LEADERSHIP, the Saudi Embassy clarified that the Boeing 747 plane marked K 74798 "was chartered by Saudi Arabia Airline, carrying bullet-proof cars and its final destination is Murtala Muhammad Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.
The detailed description of the content of the plane is as follows: a set of bullet-proof cars weighing 58 tonnes. Another set of five bullet-proof cars weighing 42 tonnes. "The goods were a portion of a supply contract for 10 bullet-proof cars to a government agency in Nigeria, which were to be conveyed from Sharjah (UAE) via Abuja, through Fast Forward Cargo US UAC, to Defence Industries of Nigeria (DICON), 45 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, through the company's contact person: Mr Nwajpudu Livinston/CCC. The goods were manufactured in South Africa."
The Saudis wanted the impression that the cargo plane was carrying weapons be corrected since the goods aboard the plane "were neither those considered as dangerous nor prohibited."
The Nigerian aviation and military authorities had kept mum over the contents of the Saudi cargo plane despite reports of security hardware aboard it.

D'zeal - Men With Attitude [#MWA]

D'zeal, the self acclaimed RnB king under the management of southern eclipse marked his birthday on 23rd of december 2013.... Releasing along-side the long awaited highlife single showing his versatility with different genres of music........D'zeal shares same birthday date with his manager,Tiemo Pumo commander C.E.O southern eclipse

8 Things Women Simply Love To Hear

1. ‘You look gorgeous!’ 
If one could list down three things that women can’t live without – they would probably be – good food, a wardrobe to die for and hearty compliments. So, don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return. Say all that she has been dying to hear – whether it is about her looks, her attire, her figure, professionalism at work or her culinary skills. Anudita Mishra, 34, a homemaker says, “I love to be showered with compliments as I think most women do. It gives my ego a boost when my hubby says, ‘This dress suits you’, or something like – ‘You look prettier than any of those ladies I know’ or saying, ‘I wonder how you look so sexy even in your 30s!’ It just makes me feel good about myself.’
Hear say: Dr. Sushma Dayal, a clinical psychologist says, “Each of us like to receive compliments as it improves our self-image. It helps us to get rid of our inhibitions, acts as a motivation and helps us enhance our personality.”
2. ‘You are the first woman in my life’ 
Saying this would certainly assure your girl that you are a ‘one woman man’ and that you don’t keep hopping from one girlfriend to another. This is bound to put her on a pedestal and it will prove to be effective particularly in a long-term relationship. Be careful not to flatter her. Say this only when you mean it so that she never questions your loyalty.
Abhay Bajaj, 26, a marketing professional says, “When I told my girlfriend that she is the first woman in my life, she was utterly surprised. It’s funny, but I believe most women have a myth that guys are rarely committed to a single woman. Once she was convinced, she was able to free herself from all insecurities and was head over heels for me.”
Hear say: Archana Nanda, a psychologist opines, “Telling a woman that she is the first person you have been so close to is sure to elevate her self-esteem and assure her of your faithfulness. But one shouldn’t do this just to just to flatter a woman, say it only when you mean it from the bottom of your heart. It will rip your relationship apart if she finds out that you kept her in the dark about your real emotions.”
3. ‘You are great in bed’ 
This is sure to make her feel like a sex goddess and sweep away all the inhibitions she had about her performance between the sheets. Praising her performance in bed and telling her that she is simply irresistible, is sure to set the momentum for a sizzling act later. The more you elevate and understand her sexuality, the more willing she will be to explore her wildest fantasies.
Don’t just be grateful for every little effort that she puts to turn you on – say it aloud!
Anant Joshi, 29, (name changed on request) says, “A few months ago I complimented my wife for her performance in bed and I think that was the greatest turn on for her since then. She’s now more experimental and also more open to my sexual advances. I think it’s not just men but women too who like to be appreciated for the efforts they make in the bedroom.”
Hear say: Sunil Garg, an expert on sex-related issues states, “You are sure to boost to a woman’s sexuality when you tell her that she was super in the act. It will want her to explore more of herself and not just you. She will be able to connect with you in a sexual context.”
4. ‘You’ll make a great mother’ 
Most women look forward to having kids, but also tend to doubt themselves when it comes to being a good mother. Saying this is bound to put her on cloud nine – particularly when her man thinks she has all that it takes to be a nurturing mother. In a way, you’ll also be assuring her of your commitment and that you would like to bring up your kids with her. Ritu Jaiswal, 27, who got married a year ago, confesses, “It was my husband who made me comfortable with the idea of parenthood. I was always scared of having kids, but he made me feel at ease by assuring me that I’ll be a good mother and will do an excellent job as a parent. I am now expecting my first child.”
Hear say: ”It’s important to assure a woman that she will be a good mother and that she has qualities like compassion and endurance being a good parent. This will make her believe in herself and also prepare her for the new role,” adds Dr. Sushma.
5. ‘Will you spend your life with me?’
Most women tend to be ultra sensitive and by saying this you are bound to play music on the chords of her heart. You will also affirm to her that you are not just playing around with her, but are actually looking forward to spending your entire life with her. Tell her how incomplete your life would be without her and that she has now become an indispensable part of your existence. Don’t be surprised if you find her smiling for days!
Richa Nanda, 25, who works with an advertising agency in Delhi confesses, “I had been dating a guy for the last six months. We work in the same office. Although I like him very much, I was a bit reluctant to commit to him prematurely. He recently asked me whether I would like to get married to him and it was then that I made up my mind. I was convinced that he is genuinely interested in me and would like to take the relationship further.”
Hear say: ”I think this is the most difficult thing to ask a woman. It is a very important question and it means asking her for a long-term commitment. So, it is important to be sure before you speak your mind,” adds Archana.
6. ‘What do you think about ………….?’ 
Ask for her opinion – whether it is about buying a new car or simply about what you should wear to office. By doing this, you are not just asserting that her opinion is important to you, but also that you respect her views. And if you are still in doubt, just remember that women love to express their views on whatever it may be – so let her speak for longer than you may want to hear and let her be the diva who knows it all!
Kanika Shrivastava, 28, who works with a telecom company in Delhi agrees, “I feel really special when my boyfriend asks for my opinion. It boosts my ego. He consults me before taking any major decisions – whether it is regarding his career or investments. I appreciate the fact that he values me not just for my looks but also my brains.”
Hear say: ”It’s important for a woman to believe that she is an important part of the decision making process. Asking her for advice – no matter how big or small the decision – makes her feel special and respected,” adds Dr. Sushma.
7. ‘You are my dearest pal’ 
Want to assure her that you are the kind of man who’s not just with her for her glam looks and her hourglass figure? Well, then all you need to do is to tell her that she is not just the love of your life, but also your dearest friend. Try to establish a connection beyond your sexual interest in her. This is sure to give her ego the much required boost and score you brownie points.
Namita Goswami, 21, a college student says, “The best thing that my boyfriend has ever told me is that he considers me his best friend. Although he has many gal pals, but when it comes to sharing anything special, I am the one he comes to. It is great to find your best friend in your partner.”
Hear say: Manmeet Bhalla, a marriage and relationship counselor opines, “Being a woman’s friend is the first step to winning her over. It is important for a woman to believe that she means much more to you than just being your wife or your girlfriend. What she needs to feel is that you count on her – when you are in a problem or a dilemma, when you need advice, when you need a shoulder to cry on.”
8. ‘I am lucky to have you’ 
Tell her that she is the only one for you. If not her, you would probably have still been single. Women love to be with men who are amiable and there is no better way to tell her that you are a true gentleman than to thank her for being the person that she is. Tell her that your life is beautiful only because she is a part of it. Don’t be surprised if you find her blushing.
Amit Malhotra, 24, a sales executive says, “A year ago, I just told my girlfriend how special she is to me and how lucky I feel to have her in my life and she was thrilled to hear that. Since then I have realised how important it is to be expressive with women.”
Hear say: “Telling a woman that she is your lucky charm is a sure shot way to pamper her. It makes her feel that you have not just accepted her in your life, but you are also grateful to her for her presence. It is the most gratifying thought for a woman,” adds Manmeet.

Rihanna Attends Christmas Pajama Party Dressed In Skimpy Lingerie (PHOTOS)

The 25-year-old singer added a sexy spin to the costume party, she wore a skimpy pink nightie that features sheer lace on the bust and a satin collar

More pictures after the cut...

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Drake's "All Me" Goes Gold & ["Hold On, We're Going Home" 2x Platinum]

Drake's crew track, "All Me" has achieved Gold status.

Drake is no stranger to the plaques at this point. His album is Platinum went platinum only a few weeks after release, and its first two singles, "Started From The Bottom," and "Hold On We're Going Home" have each gone double platinum. 
With that being said, "All Me," Drizzy's third official single, and collaboration with Big Sean and 2 Chainz doesn't seem like that big a deal. The song's producer, Key Wane was pretty excited about it at least, tweeting the news earlier today.

Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" 2x Platinum
Drizzy is definitely on top of the rap game at the moment. When he's not being called a "Rap God" by fellow God in the game, Kanye West, he's got his singles going gold and platinum. 
Nothing Was The Same has already been certified platinum, and now the lead single off the LP has reached 2x platinum.
Congrats to Drake!

Justin Bieber "Backpack" Feat. Lil Wayne

The grown up Justin Bieber is gearing up to drop his new project Journals on iTunes at midnight. The project is set to feature contributions from Future, Big Sean, Drake (he wrote the track "One Life"), and Lil Wayne on the futuristic track below, "Backpack." 
Are you feeling this collabo? Bieber's movie Believe hits theaters on Christmas day.
Quotable Lyrics
"Greeting, I fell from the sky / I'm from a different world, I use Lil Wayne as a disguise / And a flying saucer crashed, I'm the only one that survived / I've only taken over this planet since I arrived / I'm in the backpack, I'm duckin' Men In Black / Yeah, I'm an alien, my swag is outta this world / Different galaxy, they try to capture me / When I die they gunna name this planet after me / Wayne's World." - Lil Wayne


In a recent interview on a Chicago radio show, Kanye West talked about his recent trip to Herzogenaurach, Germany where he met with his new brand. 
"We designed the entire women's collection. We designed the entire men's collection. And we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September and it’s about to be a paradigm shift," He said on the radio. 
 Yeezy remains optimistic that he can launch Adidas into a new stratosphere, leap frogging Nike for the top sportswear brand in the world. 
"You need to hear this in Portland. Listen at the Nike Campus, that methodology, that’s not going to work. All of this leveraging and extortion is not going to work now because I’m at adidas. The game is flipped now. There’s nobody you can run to and nowhere you can hide right now," Kanye said.
We are still a long time away from the official Yeezy x Adidas launch in September of 2014, but it's already shaping up to be a revolutionary month in the sneaker game.

Barack Obama Says Kanye West's Music Is "Outstanding"

During a recent interview, President Obama speaks on Kanye West's music.

Kanye West and Barack Obama seem to have been at odds in the past, specifically when the President threw a shot at 'Ye when discussing the "American dream" this past year.
"The American Dream involved some pretty basic stuff. A good job where you felt some security. A good education… People felt if they worked hard they could get there… I don’t think people went around saying to themselves, ‘I need to have a 10,000-square-foot house’… I think, there has also been a shift in culture. We weren’t exposed to the things we didn’t have in the same way that kids these days are. There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashianwas wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success," Obama said.
Kanye in turn took a shot at Obama's wifey, saying that Kim Kardashian is more influential than Michelle Obama. Lest we forget the time Obama chose between Kanye West and Jay Z...and he chose Hov. All differences aside, in a recent exclusive interview for People, Obama had some praise for Mr. West.
"Kanye’s music is outstanding, though," Obama said. "I’ve got a lot of his stuff on my iPad. If it was a concert, then I might not mind listening to him."
The full interview hits newsstands on Friday.

Beyonce Talks Her Inspiration, Releasing Album On iTunes & More

Yesterday, a week after releasing her self-titled album, Beyonce held a screening for the visual effort at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Queen Bey donned a head-turning and reflective mini-dress designed by Tom Ford (who else?), while she played her 17 new music videos and had a Q&A with her fans.
Guests at the event munched on popcorn in "Beyonce" bags and drank soda, while watching the seductive visuals from Bey. Fans submitted questions via Instagram, which resulted in 'Yonce explaining her inspiration for the LP, why she was nervous before dropping it on iTunes and more. Check out her answers below, and peep flicks of Beyonce on the red carpet in the gallery above.
On her inspiration: “It’s interesting how motherhood changes you and it changes your perspective on life. I took all the things that I wanted to change about myself and all the things I wanted to share, and I put it into this record.”
On the message behind BEYONCÉ: “More than the music, I’m proud of myself as a woman. The biggest message is owning your imperfections and all the things that make you interesting because I refuse to allow someone to put me in anybody’s box.”
On secretly releasing it to iTunes: “I just got off the stage, I had a glass of wine and my cousin Angie was like, ‘Are you alright?’ because I was talking to myself and I was terrified. I was so scared. I had already gone through all the horrible ways it could go in my mind… I saw it live oniTunes and I waited for the first comment. Then I woke up the next morning and… [breaks into dance].”
On the birth of ‘Yonce: “We were in the studio, and Justin Timberlake starte beating on buckets. So, when you hear the beat, it’s literally a bucket. … And Dream just started, ‘Yoncé on his mouth like liquor,’ and I’m like, ‘What does that mean?’ But I love it, I think Beyoncé is Beyoncé, Mrs. Carter is Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce is Beyoncé. And I’m finally at a place where I don’t have to separate the two. It’s all pieces of me, and just different elements of a personality of a woman, because we are complicated.”
On taking charge of her career: “My father taught me so, so much. When I decided to manage myself, it was important to me not to sign to some big company. I wanted to follow in Madonna’s footsteps and be a powerhouse. When you get to this level, you don’t have to share your money or your success… And we did it. And it’s my company.”
[via Rap-Up]

Kanye West Calls Drake A "Rap God"

Kanye West brought his "Yeezus" tour, which will be wrapping up soon enough, to Toronto last night. Of course, hometown hero Drake came out for the event, and while there seems to have been some tension between the two creative artists in the past, all that was put aside for a night of partying after the concert.
When Yeezy was closing out his set for the night, he gave thanks to the "Rap God" Drizzy for coming out. There's also plenty of Instagram videos showing the Toronto native and Yeezus wildin' out (at one point 'Ye is even hanging from the ceiling-- see the last video) and rapping along to Drake's records ("Worst Behavior" and "Headlines" included) in the club. Check out the Instagram videos below. 
Kanye calls Drake a "Rap God

New Video: Jumabee – Problem

A follow up to the star studded ‘Cassava’ video, S2DB Soldier ‘Jumabee’ features ‘Saka’ and ‘Ms Endowed’ in this clean, stunning visuals Directed by Sanusi (7 Hills).

Afeez - Ire


This track cuts across all generations. Its timely release gives the whole family something to definitely swing to, while enjoying the festivities.

“This is dedicated to all my fans .Thanks for the support IRE A WO ILE GBOGBO WA O” Afeez
Afeez grew up in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. "ASA" which is Yoruba rhyming slang is the way of communication and expression among the populace hence the reflection in his music.
Although he is inspired by a lot of great musicians, Fela Kuti remains his greatest influence. Afeez has worked on most of his project with top UK Afrobeat producer O.Y productions. Earlier in the year he released a viral video to promote his hit single "Original". He originally started writing mainstream afro-dance music but his upcoming E.P is focused more on substance.
Currently working on a 9-track project that is due to be released soon, Afeez is promising an awakening for an industry that is yearning for change".

Vreezy Ville – Olopyto ft Kay Zeey [VIDEO]

Vreezy Ville is an Afro-Pop artist based in the United States who came
to the limelight and created waves with hits like Cameroon Azonto,
Brighten Your Night and Waiti Do (Oleku Remix).
He now drops another club banger titled OLOPYTO which is not just a
catchy tune but also comes with wonderful dance steps that would move
you with no delay.


Thieves make off with eight Christmas turkeys worth £800

The birds were stolen from a large chiller at a farm in Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire, in the six hours after midnight on Saturday.
The burglars are believed to have entered through a gate at the rear of the yard before getting into one of the barns where the Christmas meals were stored.
A West Mercia Police spokesman said: ‘The eight turkeys that have been stolen were each packed in their own individual box ready for cooking at Christmas.
‘The turkeys were all “Kelly Bronze” birds and each box was labelled with this name.
‘Six of the turkeys weighed 8kg and the other two weighed 9kg. The total value of the stolen turkeys is thought to be as much as £800.

Awww! Terminally ill patient says final goodbye to childhood dog in heart-breaking

The image of Mike Petrosino patting Rusty on the head while he lies on his hospital bed was posted on Reddit by 7th Evan after Massachusetts General Hospital said the cancer would kill the 21-year-old within the week.
‘My friend Mike was diagnosed with cancer in the 8th grade. He was given a 3% chance to survive the first year,’ he wrote.

Video director Moe Musa loses father in ‘horrific car accident’

Another Nigerian music video director Mr Moe Musa has also lost his father.
A few hours ago, Moe Musa who is currently in the UK announced that his dad passed away on Saturday, December 21, 2013 in an ‘horrific accident’ in Nigeria.
Still can’t believe it, such a sudden accident and now your gone, just like that. This is my Father and he passed away yesterday morning in Nigeria due to a horrific accident. May your Soul Rest in Eternal peace………..Love You Dad #CherishedEveryMoment‘, Moe Musa wrote on his Instagram page as he posted a photo of himself and his dad.
Sad day.

Video director Sesan and Beat FM’s Fade Ogunro’s father shot dead

Video director Sesan and Beat FM OAP Fade Ogunro have lost their father Sesan Ogunro in a tragic robbery incident in Lagos last night December 22, 2013.
Their father, sources told NET, was shot dead in the presence of his family around Marwa Gardens in Ikeja,  Lagos, shortly after leaving Church where they attended a Christmas carol service.
NET is unable to immediately independently confirm this. But multiple sources told our reporters this morning that the family is in deep pains, following the senseless shooting just three days to Christmas.
We are unable to reach Fade and Sesan for now, but our correspondents are working the phones to get confirmation; while a team of NET reporters are en route Marwa Gardens where the incident reportedly occurred.
Most of the siblings’ friends are not yet aware of the sad incident as at when NET reached out; with many expressing absolute shock.
Sesan has worked with many top ranking Nigerian artistes including D’banj, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, Iyanya, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and many more. Fade anchors the Liquid Lounge show on Saturday (6-10PM) on the Sunday Request Show from 6PM till midnight.
Story Developing.

The year of Toolz!

Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru and Ohimai Atafo of MAI end the year with a bang on the cover of Y! Magazine’s latest editing ­ The Annual Style Issue.

More pic...

Which artistes made the 10 Best Songs of 2013

We present the final 10. In ascending order.
10) Down – Brymo
Brymo’s ‘Ara’ topped this list last year and he is back already. While this one may not top ‘Ara’ for pure listening pleasure, ‘Down’ has Brymo doing the best singing in his career so far and leaving no doubt as to his mastery of his talent.
9) Down – Ruby
‘Down’ with it’s catchy verses and memorable melody is so deceptively simple, it appears effortless. But do not discount Ruby’s stellar vocals layered on the beat like chocolate syrup on ice cream. It saves the song from comparisons with similar sounding Choc City fare.
8) Emi ni baller – Chidinma ft. Ill Bliss, Tha Suspect
A power single if we ever heard one. The pulse pounding production by Legenary beats somehow combines the talents of Chidinma, Ill Bliss and Tha Suspect to create this stomper. While Ill Bliss remains Oga boss and Suspect a willing collaborator, it is Chidinma who owns this one, beginning and powering this anthem to it’s brilliant end.
7) Ejika – GT da Guitarman
‘Ejika’ is one of the year’s underated treasures but we are glad to redirect attention to it. No one sings quite like GT da guitarman and he is in prime form in this jubilant love song. You will be singing and howling along.
6) Run my race – Burna Boy
Burna Boy’s hammer pulse anthem may have been an imitation of Fela Anikulapo Kuti but when done this good, one finds it hard to begrudge the young man his craftsmanship. Young acts could learn a thing or two here.
5) I wish – Waje
‘I wish’ sports a mildly restrained turn from big voiced Waje but it is an excellent recording, demanding minimal vocal fluorishes. Waje nails the heartache, the loss and the pain behind.
4) Yes/No – Banky W
Mr Capable is in with the smoothest love song of the year. ‘Yes/No’ was the song the guys proposed to and hopefully, the ladies all said yes.
3) Best in me – Efya
Efya’s mid-tempo ballad gained wider acceptance when it was added to the soundtrack of the hit movie ‘Flower girl’. It was acceptance well deserved. Her power vocals complimented the breezy arrangement and sugary sweet melodies. And the piano strums, divine.
2) Repete – Black magic
‘Repete’is the kind of song you hear and instantly drop whatever you are doing and listen, because nothing else is as important as assimilating this magic number. It could have been done with only the instrumentals (that saxophone!) and it would still be perfect. The vocals are just icing on the cake. It is so good, we will ignore the copyright issues generated.
1) Khona – Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru
The South African duo (formerly trio) made a return to the stage this year and what a comeback it was. Possibly bigger around the world than in their hometown, this nostalgic, reflective yet utterly danceable number about love lost was the icing on a cake of a musically enriching year.
And let’s not forget….
Ghost mode
Released as a single last year, ‘Ghost mode’ would have been termed last year’s hit but it’s video released in December 2012 ensured it became a 2013 staple. A battle royale between Olamide and Phyno. Phyno takes the crown (of course) but not without a spirited challenge from the baddest guy ever liveth. The most refreshing rap duet to land on the scene in years. And how we love it.

Top 5 Worst Quotes of 2013

In ascending order.
5) “I am the best rapper in Nigeria. If you have an opposing opinion, now is the best time to keep it to yourself”
Rapper Yung6ix having his imagined Kendrick Lamar moment.
4) “Any academic staff who fails to resume on or before December 4, 2013 automatically ceases to be a staff of the institution and vice chancellors are also directed to advertise vacancies in their institutions.”
Nyesom Wike, supervising minster for the education ministry wading full throttle into the federal government-ASUU impasse like the uncouth fellow that he is and trying (unsuccessfully, thank God) to scuttle the work of parties genuinely committed to ending the months long strike. His ill advised press conference in which he stayed screaming at the microphone and  yelled threats became an instant visual manual for government officials on how not to act in public. We shudder to recall.
3) “As the president, I don’t know him (Abu Shekau) and don’t know if he is dead or alive; you journalists will know more than us. You are the ones who talk to Boko Haram”
In a presidential media chat, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan uttered the words never to be spoken by a country’s chief security officer. In denying the whereabouts (and maybe existence) of Abu Shekau, Boko Haram’s point man, he took the war on terror 10 steps back. Worse still was the lackadaisical manner in which he delivered his cluelessness.
2) “I cannot categorically tell you one now… the one we are going to make use of is going to be made known by my oga at the top…”
Mr Obafaiye Shem, former Lagos state commandant of the National Security and Civil Defence Corps was asked a simple straight forward question by the hosts of Channels tv’s daily breakfast show. “What is the website of the NSCDC?” It became his undoing as he went on a rambling routine that did not produce the answer to the question but succeeded in shedding light on the pathetic state of affairs of our public institutions and officers. Shame on you Shem.
1) “You are a widow… go and die”
Oh dear! Edo state governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole became this year’s face of insensitivity when he was recorded on video, yelling at a poor widow displaying her wares illegally by the roadside to go and die. He later had tea with his victim and rewarded her generously but still, that image lingers.

So its true: Why I wrote OBJ the open letter – Iyabo Obasanjo finally opens up

hmmmm! Ever since the letter was released yesterday, rumours have been flying around about purported denials supposedly gotten from Ms. Obasanjo.
Vanguard reports:
“No, no, no, that is not true. How can you live by social media? That is part of the problem with Nigeria, people want to be flying rumours. I have not told anybody o! It is early morning here and I just woke up and if I were you I would just ignore them,” Senator Obasanjo said.
“People are calling me and telling me that they called Baba but if I say I am not talking to someone (her father), how can you say you called the person and the person will tell you what is on my mind?” she asked.
Giving reasons on why she broke off, she said that after a break from relating with Obasanjo, she found out days ago that her father would not change from the manipulative person she had known all along.
“The whole of last year I didn’t speak to him and I just started speaking to him recently, and the last time he was trying to manipulate me to say, this, say that. I can’t be saying no when you say no.
“The last time I spoke to him was three days ago and I decided that I was not going to speak to him again after that. That was the communication through which I realized that this man would never change from manipulations for himself.”
Dismissing her unsolicited canvassers on social media, she said:
“I was surprised that they would say that they called Baba, and I said to myself, are these people mad? How can you call the person that I said I am not talking to, to ask him whether I wrote a letter or not and he is going to speak for me?
“Nobody can say that I told him that I didn’t write it. I am not a liar. I will not back away from what I wrote and there is nothing that is there that is a lie. In the last four years how many of them have spoken to me? They are all mad people,” she said.

This is why you should STOP eating Agege bread

LOL!!! This is just the height! Comments?

D’banj & Onyeka Onwenu to record official soundtrack for Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun

International entertainer, D’banj a.k.a Kokomaster and music veteran, Onyeka Onwenu have been penned down as the artistes to record the official soundtrack for Chimamanda Adichie book turn movie, ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’.
The movie which premiered across the world in different countries has a stellar cast of both Hollywood & Nollywood actors. The soundtrack is to be released at a later date. 

SOURCE: Ynaija.

Calabar Carnival To Be Broadcast Live on DSTV

Viewers in at least 40 African nations will have the opportunity to watch live Calabar Carnival, one of Nigeria’s cultural showpiece events. According to a report by P.M.NEWS,  MultiChoice will be screening the carnival, to DStv subscribers across the continent via the dedicated channel 199 from December 26 to 31. 

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Michael Jordan Dunks at Age 50


UPDATE: What students drive in University of Dubai! (PHOTOS)

Judging by the car park at the American University of Dubai, students there are obviously not struggling to make ends meet.
A Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari and a black Aston Martin, which wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond film, line the student car park row after row.

Arab money!!

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‘I thought I’d killed her’: Obese virgin hospitalised his girlfriend when they had sex for the first time

Vin Diesel confirms Fast & Furious 7 release date

The film, which temporarily suspended filming after Walker died in a car crash in Los Angeles earlier this month, will be released on April 10 2015.
Vin Diesel posted a picture from the forthcoming film featuring himself and Walker saying: ‘The last scene we filmed together’.
Writing about filming the seventh installment of the franchise he added: ‘There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared… in the film we were now completing… the magic captured… and, in just how far we’ve come…Fast and Furious 7 will be released…April 10th 2015! P.s. He’d want you to know first.’
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Agoro describes Buhari, Obasanjo meeting as 'The coming together of the lion and the dog.’

Neza - "Only God Knows" (Official Video)

After releasing her last record “Wish Is My Command”, the Canada-based diva Neza is back with a new video “Only God Knows”. This record was created to give hope and encourage those chasing a dream. Neza, who has had her own battles within the music industry reminds her fans that no man can offset the path that God has created for each individual. This video was directed by Canadian director Dwayne “Dukeydukez” Holness, produced by Nyasha and mastered in the UK by Eminik.

Click this link to watch the video: 

Fastest man alive, Usain Bolt Races Against A Bus

The world record holder or simply put the fastest man in the world — Usain Bolt thrilled his fans and a crowd in Buenos Aires, as he raced against a bus and won.

The bus had no chance against the Jamaican sprinter in the 80m exhibition race as Bolt appeared to take it seriously going in, then began to jog, only to pick up his pace again before crossing the finish line.

Bolt, who won gold medals in two consecutive Olympic Games, in Beijing and London, said he had his eyes set on winning a third time in the Rio De Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

He said, “One of my main goals is to go to the Rio Olympics, as I was saying, to do it again. To defend my titles and it’s never been done three times so, for me, that’s me trying to set the bar as high as possible, just to push the barrier.”
The event was part of a number of spectacles being held as the ‘World’s Fastest Man’ tours the South American country

more pictures after the cut. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

HOW SAD!! Chicago Woman Arrested For The 397th Time After Just Getting Out Of Prison

You would think after 396 arrests, someone would want to kick the habit for good.

For Shermaine Miles, that wasn’t the case at all, since she was just arrested for the 397th time, just after getting out of jail.

According to CBS Chicago, Miles was arrested this week for stealing a 63-year-old man’s keys and drinking nearby while having an altercation with him


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